Prestat Christmas Range

Prestat Christmas Range

Tradition, classic flavours, gifts ideas and great tasting experience in the Prestat Collection for the most enchanting Season's Greetings

Prestat adds a piece of magic to our Christmas.

Prestat’s Christmas Collection fully encompasses the spirit of this Brand, which continues to be celebrated as the perfect gift, thanks to the outstanding quality of its chocolate and its unmistakable packaging style – bright, romantic, playful.

Prestat’s Christmas Range includes delicious selections of glorious and fun chocolates and truffles packed into mini stockings, colourful tree decorations and, of course, Prestat’s much sought - after Vegan Advent Calendar.
An abundance of choice which enriches our best family time, while enhancing the Christmas atmosphere within our houses.

    The Christmas Chocolate Box is available in two different sizes – 210 gr and 325 gr respectively. The Box style, in brilliant Santa-red and a charming illustration of a Christmas tableau, is a genuine celebration of this magic season. The Box includes the finest assortment of classic English tradition: rose, violet and raspberry fondants, rich marzipans and nuts, fudges and jellies and, of course, truffles.
    Prestat is all about creating and evoking childhood dreams and fairy scenarios: the 2020 Advent Calendar celebrates all mythical creatures and magical animals. The legend that inspires this delightful Calendar is that on Christmas Eve all the world’s animals talk to each other. The Calendar is vegan friendly and has different flavoured dark chocolate bonbons. Pink Himalayan salt 56%, Cocoa nibs and Almonds 62%, Raspberry 62%,
Dark chocolate 73%.
    A true must-have of this Greetings Season and one among the Prestat best sellers. Prestat Mince Pies are a fantastic pastry exception within the world of Prestat chocolate: they represent a homage to a glorious Christmas tradition, which never loses its charm. Prestat Mince Pies are produced in a limited edition and made available for sale by late November: they are packed within an elegant gift box. The traditional recipe is interpreted by Prestat with a careful selection of the filling ingredients and an exquisite balance of different flavours. 
    For this coming Christmas, Prestat has revamped the design of the colourful baubles to make them even more cheerful. Inside of these little gems, one finds our beloved truffle range: the best-selling Dark Sea Salt Caramel truffles, London Gin truffles, Milk Earl Grey Tea truffles and Pink Marc de Champagne truffles.
    This miniature stocking is the perfect gift for a stocking or to be nestled in the branches of the Christmas tree. These beautiful Prestat boxes are filled with four different types of lovely truffles: Dark Sea Salt Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Milk Marc de Champagne and Pink Marc de Champagne truffles.





About Prestat Chocolate


●      Prestat Finest Chocolate and Truffles is one of the UK’s best-loved chocolate brands: its famous truffles are internationally considered an exquisite and genuine experience of the British Art of Chocolate Making.
●      Prestat is a Holder of a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen as a Purveyors of Chocolates.
●      Founded in 1902 by the chocolatier Antoine Dufour, this timeless Brand continues to be celebrated because of its outstanding quality, its unique and romantic style and its commitment to fair trade. Roald Dahl author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wrote: “I do so adore chocolate truffles as Prestat Makes them”.

●      In March 2019, Prestat joined Gruppo Illy, the Trieste based International Super Premium Food and Beverage Company, which already owns Domori, the Italian Brand widely recognized for making some of the finest chocolate in the world. Thanks to this deal, Prestat can access to Domori’s acclaimed single-origin couvertures, making it the only chocolatier with a Royal Warrant, and the only sizeable UK artisan chocolatier to have complete control of the chocolate-making process from tree to truffle or bean to bar.
●      In June 2019, Domori’s Ceo Andrea Macchione has been appointed Chairman of Prestat and Micaela Illy, the 4th generation of the family, has joined the Board.
●     Both Domori and Prestat are part of the Gruppo illy sub-holding “Polo del Gusto” - chaired by Riccardo Illy - gathering all the extra-coffee activities.

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